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Canada Loves Me
2006, May 31 - 9:33 a.m.

So I had an interesting day yesterday. It started off normally, what with the TTC up and running again. Which, on a side note, was pretty ridiculous. There was a random strike on Monday on the hottest day of the year so far. It was 30-bloody-degrees out and no public transit.

I didn't have to go to work but I still had to meet up with a friend at work to grab the key's to Ross's place so I could do laundry that afternoon. I thought I could take the subway, but nope. I took a 40-minute walk in the sweltering heat and sun. Good exercise but I have pretty much no skin pigment, so it's a wee bit dangerous for me to be out in the sun so long... without sun screen. Yeah.

Anyhow, the TTC was operational the next morning for work, thank God. And after work I went to Caitlin's new digs out in the Beaches. What a cute area, the beaches. I'd never been before but I want to go back. It reminds me a bit of Picton. The little down-towny area and the gorgeous park and the sweet little restaurants and cute shops... oh! It was great. It didn't even feel like I was in smoggy Toronto anymore. Well, I was boiling hot because it was over 30 degrees again, but other than that.

So we went for dinner, ice cream and a movie and had a blast. X-Men: The Last Stand had good mutant fights, but it could have been a better movie, considering everything that happened.

We also made plans to go to the beach this summer, which is cool because that's a kick ass way to spend a summer weekend.

Now, when I got home I checked my mail and finally got my rent cheque. I was expecting about $900-something. I was needing it pretty bad too. I have to pay my Visa bill and I recently got a $323 bill from Rogers which was an ass-face kick in the teeth. I had to pay for service already used, plus a month in advance, plus connection service fees for phone, internet and cable. *shudder* That was a nasty bill.

So, anyway, I was feeling pretty jazzed that my money concerns would be taken care of now that my return was here. I opened it up and I didn't see any 9s. No, I saw a 2... $2,787.57.

I think I said something along the lines of, "Holy shit!"

So, after freaking out and wondering if they made a mistake, I called my dad. No one was home. So then I called my aunt Anne-Marie. She told me to read the explanation that came with the cheque. Of course!

So, basically, what it comes down to is that I claimed all my tuition payments myself. I didn't let my dad do it because I paid for my own education. He said I should let him claim it because I wasn't working and he was and other parents he knew claimed their kid's tuition, but that didn't seem fair to me at the time, because tuition was coming out of my pocket not his, so I said no.

Well, now that I am working, I have all that unused education credit and I'm reaping the benefits. I guess this doesn't happen to most people because their parents claim it, usually because they're helping out financially. Well, heck.

So, I have plans for this money. I spent the night thinking about what I need and what I was going to live without but no longer have to. After paying the Visa bill and setting aside enough for Rogers, I need new clothes. I was going to go the summer without getting anything new, despite my lack of summery things, but now I'm going shopping.

Secondly, I'm getting a mini air conditioner. I can't sleep unless I'm cold. I'm lying awake at night, not sweating but not sleeping. Just a cheap thing for my bedroom would be perfecto.

Third, I'm getting more beading supplies. There are new types of necklaces I want to make and I haven't got the right materials.

Fourth, there is a particular aesthetic service I want and I think I'm going to get. I want waxing. Just to see if I like the results. I have a T3 pill left so, I figure I can take that beforehand. The pain thing is the only thing stopping me now that I have the money, so with the T3, I may be able to de-wuss enough to go for it.

So, after that there will be money left and I should probably stick that into my RSP.

I wished I could have called Ross but I didn't have a number for him. I was soooo excited. I love Canada! And Canada loves me back!

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