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I have recently realized that I mention a lot of people that may or may not be recognizable to others. Here they are ^_^

Ross: My wonderful, amazing, hot, wheelchair bound boyfriend who I am very much in love with.

Brent: My most recent ex-boyfriend. We dated 3 1/2 years. We're still trying to be friends.

Jamie: Brother. Younger than me by 2 and a half years.

Aunt Debbie: My mother's sister. She was in charge of my mother's estate. She now lives in Vancouver.

Aunt Anne-Marie, Uncle John: One of my father's sisters and her husband. I live with her when I'm in K-town. She owns Pita Pazzaz. She's a real peach.

Catholic, Hos, Rock Star, Wicca, Annabelle: My high school friends. I'll let you figure out what my relationship with all of them is like on your own.

Caitlin: A really great friend of mine who I met through baseball and now my roommate here in the city!

Ella: An awesome friend from high school who lives in Toronto too. ***no longer mentioned in diary.

Brandy, Steph, Lindsay: My Art Fundamentals buddies.

Hello Kitty, Residence, Barbie, Pink, Rapper McGee, Goatee, Little Mel, The Voice: Journalism people.

Cell Phone, Parasite, Cable Wires, Stinky Pete (Big Fred): My annoying as hell housemates from when I lived in the stink hole

Christina, Shaun: Aunt Debbie's kids. My closest cousins.

David, Micheal, Sam: The two guys were my bosses/managers at Pita Pazzaz and aunt Anne-Marie's sons. Sam is another girl I work with there. She is dating Dave.

Ginger Tea: A girl I work and share an office with.

Whitney: My boss at Bridal Magazine.

Some background Information

My mother died when I was 16. Up until then I had lived with her and my brother for 11 years (my parents separated when I was 5.) I, along with my brother moved in with me dad at my grandma's house. My dad was living there because a)it was cheap and b) Grandma needed help because grandpa had died a year previous. My Aunt Debbie was the executrix of my mother's will and this caused a lot of problems between my father, her and my brother and me. We moved out a year later and then grandma died. We moved back into our old neighbourhood and I went to college a year after that. I have since gained control over my inheritance. Jamie is 20 now and will be attending college in the fall.

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