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Geisha Design
2004, April 18 - 8:49 p.m.

I have a new design!

See, I had copied GoLive onto my new computer but it required a serial number for me to use it. I have no such number. So, before I give this laptop back, I wanted to make myself a new design, While I still could.

And this design I think is a reflection of me. It is less... structured than my last one. Just a little, but the content is much more me. They are both Japanese, but geisha have long been my biggest japanese interest. I find them exotic and intriging. Beautiful and mysterious. Delicate but strong, you know?

I am pulled into their culture, their appearances, their stories, their history, everything.

Most pictures are from Jodi Cobb's book, and the others are from John Gallagher's book, both entitled 'Geisha.'

I really feel very good about this layout. The content, the look, everything.

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